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Legal Advice & Attorney-Client Privilege

Every legal case has its own individual considerations, thus, it is required by law to inform website visitors that the information you obtain on this site is not considered legal advice, nor is it intended to be legal advice by any definition. To obtain legal advice you should consult with an attorney to insure your individual circumstances are properly assessed. You may contact us via phone or email for a consultation.

To establish an attorney-client relationship you must retain or hire an attorney. Simply contacting an attorney does not create an attorney-client relationship, thus, sending any confidential information is not recommended until an attorney-client relationship has been legally established.

Data (Information) Accuracy

Throughout this accuracy disclaimer the word “data” refers to any and all information. As previously stated, this site does not give legal advice of any sort, and we can’t ensure that the data is precise, finished or up-to-date. Due the the nature and speed with which digital communications evolve, the suppositions and considerations presented on this website are of a general sort and may change from time to time. While we try to to keep the data on this site up-to-date, the proprietors of and writers of this site make no cases, guarantees or assurances about the precision, fulfillment or ampleness of the data on or connected to this site.

Because the nature of legal advice requires customization for each individual, and laws are always evolving, nothing on this site ought to be utilized as a substitute for legal consultation from a practicing attorney. The creators and SBL accept no responsibility to any individual who depends on data contained on this site and accept no liability in respect to data. No person should take any action based on data within this site without receiving counsel from an attorney legally authorized to practice in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and take precautions and security measures to protect any and all information we have. As with virtually all computer systems and even banks, there is no guarantee that unauthorized persons cannot overcome our security measures. Additionally, any legal or situational information you provide in a form or chat will be only used for providing relevant content to you and/or to personalize communications with you.

We will never offer or sell anyone’s information to others, and we will never make anyone’s personal information accessible to unaffiliated persons or organizations, aside from the following:

  • Contractors and merchants with a professional association to us and only on behalf of us for our mutual benefit.
  • We may refer you to another attorney on the off chance we are unable to help with your case. In such cases, we only share general information or information you have expressly requested us to share. Anyone may chose not to be referred to another attorney by simply declining verbally or in writing.
  • As required by law
  • Upon your request and expressed consent

Information Collection & Communication

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