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We don’t discriminate when it comes to who we help. Whether you need an Order of Protection lawyer to help you fight or get one, we’ve got you. We do this so much that we created a chatbot, named CinBot, to help you. Just click the little blue robot head in the bottom right corner of this page to get started.

For fighting an Order of Protection, CinBot can provide a lot of information. First, it will tell you if the Petitioner meets the legal requirements for obtaining an Order of Protection against you. Then, CinBot will actually generate basic case evaluation that is specific to your answers.  Below is what to expect from CinBot regarding fighting an Order of Protection in TN:

1. Tell you if the Order of Protection meets the basic legal standards to be granted by a judge.

2. Point out potential consequences for you if a judge does grant the Order of Protection.

3. Provide enough information for you to have an informed conversation with an attorney regarding your Order of Protection

For getting an Order of Protection, CinBot can help answer several of questions that relate to your specific scenario. Among those is the ability to answer some general questions like where and how to file an Order of Protection in what county. CinBot can also let you know if you meet the required elements for a judge to consider granting the Order of Protection. 

Filing information is only available for Davidson, Sumner, Williamson, Rutherford, Cheatham, and Wilson Counties.

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