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Drug Charges & Your Criminal Defense

If you are charged with any drug offense, an experienced drug lawyer (criminal attorney) can help. Your attorney will need to plan and execute viable defense strategies based on your unique case, including challenging the legitimacy of the search and seizure.

Cynthia Sherwood, SBL’s founding attorney has 1,000’s  of hours of experience defending drug charges in both State & Federal court. Her defense strategies are methodical. She knows all the variables to a great defense and, most importantly, how to use those variables to tell a client’s story.

The End Goal & Your Reputation… In The End, It Matters

In addition to crafting a great defense strategy, it will be imperative to control and manage your reputation. We do this through the legal suppression of imagery, false or misleading comments, and public criticism through various media outlets.

Our end goal is to return you to the life you had before this drug charge. While it’s not always possible, we can usually get pretty close.

Tennessee Weed Citation Guide

Were you arrested or given a citation for a Possession Or Casual Exchange of Marijuana in Middle TN? We've covered every question we could think of in our TN Marijuana Citation Guide. Just click the icon to read it.

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Types of Drug Offenses SBL Handles

We handle a wide variety of state and federal drug-related offenses, including:

  • Marijuana citations for simple possession
  • Other simple possession or casual exchange charges (citations or arrests for cocaine, heroin, and steroids) 
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Distribution or manufacturing of drugs or narcotics
  • Transportation and trafficking of drugs or narcotics
  • Sale of drugs or narcotics
  • Prescription drug crimes
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug conspiracies
  • Juvenile drug offenses 

Drug Lawyer & Your Criminal Defense

Successful drug lawyers often defend drug charges using pretrial motions and negotiations. A simple example is the suppression of evidence for unlawful search and seizure.  For simple possession or casual exchange, court officials will often show leniency in light of any proof that a defendant has been actively trying to overcome addictions or improve their life.  

Whether it was a charge of simple possession, intent to distribute or conspiracy charges, many factors can come into play that will affect the fate of the case.  

Some contributing factors include: 

  • Jurisdiction, 
  • Federal government involvement, 
  • Police task force configurations, 
  • Processes of evidence collection, 
  • Warrant issuance, property seizures, 
  • Schedule classification, and
  • Amount of drugs charged 
 If you are being investigated or have been charged with drug related offenses, don’t wait to obtain a experienced criminal defense attorney.  Call us to arrange a free and confidential consultation, today.  (615) 873-5670

TN & Nashville: Philosophy of Drug Policy

It is imperative that if charged with or under investigation for a drug crime, you should consult a drug lawyer to evaluate your case and represent your interests.  Although many states have moved toward legalization, decriminalization, and leniency for drug offenses, Tennessee is not one of them. The enforcement and punishment of drug offense is strict in TN. 

The state helped to lead the nation in 2014 with the legalization of industrial hemp production, but it’s currently enacted laws lag far behind much of the country regarding marijuana policy.  TN has actually circumvented local governments to enforce it’s strict stance. The cities of Nashville and Memphis enacted local ordinances to support marijuana decriminalization measures. Governor Haslam signed into law in 2017 a bill that overturned local control of marijuana decriminalization.  Nevertheless, the Tennessee General Assembly considered decriminalization during the 2017 session—the bill did not pass.

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