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Nashville Police Secretly Interrogating Your Children

Do Nashville Schools Help Police Secretly Interrogate Children?

Interrogating Minors In School Children do silly things, especially teenagers. Consequences are inevitable and, for the most part, deserved. Those consequences, however, should not last a lifetime. As a parent, I want my child to be protected in every way possible. If the police suspect my child did something illegal, my first priority, like that …

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How To Get Domestic Violence Charge Dropped Nashville

How To Get Domestic Violence Charges Dropped TN (Audio & Text)

This post explains how to get a domestic assault charge or some other domestic violence related charge dismissed in the state of Tennessee. Cynthia Sherwood talks about the 5 general defenses she looks at in every domestic violence case to see if she can use one of them to get the case dismissed. Then, Ms. Sherwood provides a very specific example of how she recently used one of those methods to successfully get a domestic assault charge dropped. Listen or read.

Underage Sexting Liability

Underage Sexting Setup

Explicit content is often sent to entrap an adult and subject them to extortion. Crimes can also occur when an adult sends images to coerce a minor. If you find yourself being threatened by a minor – Or his or her parent, with prosecution unless you pay money, or cooperate with their demands otherwise, you are now a victim of extortion.

Criminal Attorney Nashville Drugs School Zone

What Does a Drug Free School Zone Violation Mean?

The police often enhance a drug charge by stating that the crime occurred within one thousand feet of a school, child care center, library, recreational center or park. Most of the time the police simple wait for their target to enter a school zone before they arrest them. This tactic is used to increase penalties and put pressure on defendants to enter into a plea deal.