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SBL has the resources and connections to handle any situation. Talk to your litigation attorney about media handling, 24/7 legal response services, building custom legal teams, private investigators, and cleaning digital records. Our litigation attorneys also offer personal injury lawyer services and victim lawyer services.  
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High Profile Individual Solutions

Many executives, entertainers, athletes, and media personalities have trusted Sherwood Boutique Litigation to handle their legal issues with discretion and professionalism.  We are a highly professional legal team that will aggressively defend your rights and understand that reputation is everything.

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Special Legal Response Services

At SBL we are a client centric firm. The needs of our clients are at the center of all of our decisions and ideas. We are eager to help our clients, even when that means going above and beyond the general scope of providing legal services. Many times our clients have a unique situation that requires special handling and a strategy outside the normal legal strategy.  Occasionally, clients need assistance to determine potential legal issues that have not yet arisen, and we devise a plan of action to prevent it from becoming a reality. Whatever your actual or potential legal situation, SBL has the experience, knowledge and discretion to handle your situation.

Expert Attorneys & Private Investigators

Custom Legal Solutions

It is always vitally important to pick highly professional legal team members.  Our goal in these situations is to assemble highly qualified legal counsel and subject matter experts who can ensure our client’s best defense.

We recognize when clients have a matter that requires more than just legal counsel, perhaps private investigators, forensic accountants, other experts, or immigration consultants. SBL is ready and able to organize the team and implement the strategy necessary to resolve your issue.

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Post Case Care & Follow Up

As our clients know, our commitment to you does not end when the legal nightmare is over.   We know that many cases have far reaching and long term effects on our clients’ lives.  We will always be here to answer those residual questions, concerns and issues that arise for you, no matter when they  might come up.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville & Litigation Attorney | SBL