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For both businesses and individuals, the world we live in is fraught with great complexity and legal peril. On this chaotic and ever-changing battlefield, the effective and personalized deployment of professional legal services is a necessity. Founded almost a decade ago, SBL is a law firm with an award winning civil litigation attorney practice. Civil, Commercial, and Entertainment related litigation is the heart of SBL’s history of success. We are a Nashville-based law firm that effectively fights and wins for clients in Federal, State and local courts. 

Our litigation attorneys primarily serve as the defense counsel in our civil litigation cases. We prefer the defense role because of our strong experience in criminal defense work. We specialize in civil litigation cases that benefit from having the additional expertise of a criminal attorney. These litigation cases have underlying criminal elements, such as fraud, sexual assault, assault, theft, etc. Because we are hyper-focused in this “civil-criminal” niche, SBL’s litigators are: effective and incredibly reliable at accomplishing their mission. Our ability to collect, analyze, and communicate data that strengthens our client positions gives us our winning edge. 

We also have a list of specific litigation services and our litigation-specific practice areas on this page.

... Cynthia took on the case and within a matter of days she had created a dialogue no one else could. Being in sales and marketing, I thought if I can’t open the door to this problem and handle getting resolution, no one could. I was wrong. Cynthia not only resolved the conflict but even got us a meeting with the individuals that now has turned into a good relationship. ..."


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If you want a legal team that gets results, call SBL for your Free Private Consultation. (615) 873-5670.
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We'll Take it From Here.

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If you want a legal team that gets results, call SBL for your Free Private Consultation. (615) 873-5670.
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What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil Litigation In Tennessee:  Civil litigation is when a business entity or person engages in a non-criminal legal dispute with another business entity or person. In a civil case, the plaintiff sues the defendant for: 

1) Monetary compensation or damages the plaintiff claims to have suffered;

2) Specific performance, typically related to a contract; and/or

3) Equitable relief, such as temporary restraining orders and permanent injunctions

Do You Need A Civil Litigation Attorney?

Civil litigation attorneys, in general, represent either the plaintiff or the defendant legal dispute between two or more parties who are seeking compensatory damages, specific performance, or equitable relief rather than punishment via criminal prosecution. Quite often, however, the alleged victims in criminal cases will also file a civil suit. Similarly, criminal charges, including fraud are frequently pressed during the course of civil lawsuits. This “civil-criminal” space is where we excel.

SBL's TN Civil Litigation Attorneys Handle:

  • Misrepresentation & Fraud

  • Civil Suits Related Criminal Allegations

  • Personal Injury

  • Race Discrimination

  • Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility

  • Breach of Contract

  • Employment Discrimination

  • Defamation 

  • Copyright Infringement

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Why Chose SBL For Your Litigation Case?

We firmly believe any great attorney must also be a great civil litigation attorney. The short explanation for what that means is that,  any litigation attorney worth their salt should be able to win the exact same case fighting for either side. A bit longer of an explanation is needed to understand why that is but the main point is this:  

Being a great litigator requires having a deep understanding of legal theory, years of practice performing exhaustive case research, and the ability to use the case-specific information to craft a clear, credible, and favorable interpretation of the spirit and intent of the law.

It is always best for us to represent clients on both their civil and criminal matters so that we can maximize our control over the flow of information. We want as much control over how and when a client’s narrative is told to minimize their exposure to risk. The sad reality is that it can be extremely difficult predicting when a case single-component (civil or criminal) will evolve into a dual-component case (“civil-criminal”). We are frequently requested to handle just the civil matter and we still see great results, we just have to work a little harder.

Contact SBL by calling (615) 873-5670 or filling out the form below. Our attorney reviews can be viewed by that link or by clicking “Reviews” from the top navigation menu. Learn more about Defense Attorneys of SBL | Sherwood Boutique Litigation in our About SBL section.

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Custom Legal Solutions

If you think your case is more complex than most, you might need a custom solution. SBL can build teams of highly specialized attorneys, publicists,  and investigators both in and outside TN.

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Witness & Victim Counsel

SBL offers legal counsel for victims & witnesses. We know you have a lot on the line and we are here to help navigate the legal system. 

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Personal Injury

SBL takes a couple of personal injury cases a year.  Selected personal injury cases must be serious, and our current or potential client must be willing to take the case to trial. We dig deep and go hard for the few cases we do take. 

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