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SBL Law Firm Criminal Defense Attorneys | Top TN Attorneys Discuss Criminal Defense & Civil Litigation Topics Relevant To Middle TN Residents.  Topics of discussion TN Domestic Violence Laws, TN Assault Laws, TN Assault Charges, TN Drug Laws, Internet Laws, TN Evidence Laws.

TN Criminal Attorney, Cynthia Sherwood has had her finger on the Nashville criminal defense pulse for over 18 years. Ms. Sherwood founded Sherwood Boutique Litigation, PLC (a.k.a. SBL) in 2010. Her life long obsession for standing up for the “little guy” has grown into a deeper love and passion for defending her clients.

You will find TN’s most dedicated, smart, and experienced criminal defense attorneys at the SBL law firm. SBL is located in Nashville, TN on the corner of 4th and Church. Services include: Domestic Violence Lawyer Services, Assault & Aggravated Assault Lawyer Services, Domestic Assault & Domestic Aggravated Assault Lawyer Services, Juvenile Lawyer Services, Fraud lawyer Services, Drug Lawyer Services, Theft Lawyer Services, Robbery Lawyer Services, etc…

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Nashville Police Secretly Interrogating Your Children

Do Nashville Schools Help Police Secretly Interrogate Children?

Interrogating Minors In School Children do silly things, especially teenagers. Consequences are inevitable and, for the most part, deserved. Those consequences, however, should not last a lifetime. As a parent, I want my child to be protected in every way possible. If the police suspect my child did something illegal, my first priority, like that …

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How To Get Domestic Violence Charge Dropped Nashville

How To Get Domestic Violence Charges Dropped TN (Audio & Text)

This post explains how to get a domestic assault charge or some other domestic violence related charge dismissed in the state of Tennessee. Cynthia Sherwood talks about the 5 general defenses she looks at in every domestic violence case to see if she can use one of them to get the case dismissed. Then, Ms. Sherwood provides a very specific example of how she recently used one of those methods to successfully get a domestic assault charge dropped. Listen or read.

Drug Lawyer marijuana citation

Drug Lawyer

Drug Lawyer Drug Charges & Your Criminal Defense If you are charged with any drug offense, an experienced drug lawyer (criminal attorney) can help. Your attorney will need to plan and execute viable defense strategies based on your unique case, including challenging the legitimacy of the search and seizure. Cynthia Sherwood, SBL’s founding attorney has 1,000’s  …

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Order of Protection Lawyer

Order of Protection Lawyer

Order Of Protection Lawyer Call (615) 873-5670 What Is An Order Of Protection In TN An Order of Protection is an Order signed by a judge upon a Petition prohibiting you from contacting or going near another person. Orders of Protection should not be taken lightly. They have very serious legal consequences and often involve domestic …

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Juvenile Lawyer Criminal Defense SBL

Juvenile Lawyer

Juvenile Lawyers Get Help With Your Case As a criminal juvenile lawyer, SBL has represented minors in Juvenile Courts as well as Metro Nashville Public School (MNPS) expulsion cases. While no results are guaranteed, in each case SBL handled a MNPS expulsion, the expulsion was overturned. For every client, our goal is to provide a …

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Fraud attorney defends wire fraud

Fraud Lawyer

Fraud Lawyer Apologies! This Page Is Temporarily Down.  Criminal Defense Services  Criminal Attorney Domestic Violence Lawyer Assault Lawyer Drug Lawyer Aggravated Assault Juvenile Lawyer Order Of Protection Probation Violation Gun Rights / Weapon Charges DUI Identity Theft Lawyer Theft Lawyer

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