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This section contains an aggregated list of client reviews about their Defense Attorney at SBL | Sherwood Boutique Litigation. We try to update this list once every few months. Clients are encouraged to leave attorney reviews because it helps others in need to find our services. We also have our attorney case results for our Criminal Defense Attorney and Civil Litigation Attorney practice areas in the About SBL section. Contact SBL for a free case evaluation.

John Rich Reviews SBL
Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

“Over the years I’ve encountered several legal situations that required extreme focus and strategy to have the best results. Cynthia Sherwood and her associates have been the team that gave me what I needed in those situations. She answers the phone day or night, and has always given me her absolute best. I have yet to lose an argument with her in my corner.”

- John Rich

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Best Lawyer Ever! - Amy P.

“Mrs. Cynthia Sherwood is a great lawyer! She actually cared about me and my family! She helped me get my life back together and she was always there for me to ask for her advice. I would recommend her to anyone! I was very happy with her services! Thank you!”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

“She Fought The Court And The Media” – J.

“Cynthia Sherwood was very helpful in two cases pending against me. I was being charged with a felony for burglary, and a misdemeanor for assaulting a police officer. I was blasted on the local news for this and figured I was going jail. I used Cynthia on a prior charge involving narcotics and she got the case completely expunged so I knew she would be my best option. Cynthia, and her team worked very hard to clear my name, she got all the charges dropped from my record.”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Satisfaction – Shawn V.

“On November 21,2017. I meet Mr Mozzota as my lawyer in Nashville Tennessee. we did all paper work and got to business right on spot. end result came far for me. more than far for me. I am real person and this an real review from am Memphian. ya dig. 

Vote for William Mozzota. This up. Bless his career and I wish him the best”

[Attorney name is spelled Will Mazzota]

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Great Lawyer – M

“Cynthia is a great lawyer. She stays on top business as she did with my case. She not only handles business but she also cares for her defendants freedom. She took my case with great seriousness even though it was just a misdemeanor.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Amazing Criminal Attorney! – Andrew

“Cynthia Sherwood is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and hard working. I was freaking out over a citation I got WAY more than I should have and she was able to calm me down and got everything taken care of. I highly recommend her!”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Excellent Attorney! – Anonymous

“I was falsely accused of vandalism over $1000, a Class D Felony. A conviction would have caused me to lose my job and seriously affect my career for something I didn’t do. Cynthia took my case, diligently gathered all of the facts, and was very prepared and confident that we would prevail. The result….the charge was completely DISMISSED!! Cynthia, Jaimee, and her staff were professional, responsive, and very thoughtful and understanding throughout the entire process. I highly, highly recommend her to anyone in need of legal counsel. She and her team are the best!”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Above and Beyond!! - Erinn

“Cynthia Sherwood was an absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to end. She was there to help us not only with the legal aspect of our situation, but also with the emotional side. We were in a situation that we had never imagined ourselves in, and we were nervous and felt hopeless. She went above and beyond what I expected any lawyer would do, and really took the extra time to take care of us as well as our case. If I (we) should ever need representation again I would not hesitate to pick up the phone and call her immediately. I will also be referring her to all my friends and family! 

Very happy clients!!”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Magnificent Attorney! – Chris

“Cynthia Sherwood is by far the most amazing and talented attorney you could possibly have. She knows the law inside out. She was a true blessing for me. Her passion and intelligence is truly magical. I have never seen someone so personally invested in their clients. She is always well prepared and never ever gives up. Seeing her perform in court was truly a sight to see because of the vast amount of knowledge she possesses and her commanding presence was remarkable. I would recommend her to my family and friends for any legal needs they may have.”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

 Magnificent attorney! – Robert

“ Mrs Sherwood is magnificent !! She has alot of experience and it shows. Very highly recommended!”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Amazing and seriously about her business – GD

“Cynthia was very knowledgeable about every single law that other officials didn’t even know or about or consider and she had all the facts legal an technical locked and loaded and ready to use in the courtroom even though we didn’t even had to. Would hire her again for any case”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

A Great Result – Parent of Client

“Cynthia was able to provide astute guidance and counsel prior to and during the process of negotiating a very favorable resolution to criminal charges against my child. I don’t believe we would have achieved the positive outcome without her expertise.”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Highly Recommend – Elly T.

“Cynthia went above and beyond to help me with my order of protection case. She was so kind to me, and a total shark in the court room. I am very happy with my decision to hire Cynthia and would recommend her.”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

A Brilliant Legal Mind – Brian I.

“Cynthia Sherwood is the best argument for hiring a brilliant lawyer you could ever find. I was charged with one count of assault and one count of resisting arrest. Although I was guilty of the assault charge, the resisting arrest charge was disputed. The DA was determined to go for a full conviction on both counts but he underestimated Cynthia’s intelligence and homework. Thanks to her preparation for the trial the charge of resisting arrest was dismissed, much to the surprise and chagrin of the prosecutor. She was calm and professional in court and wielded facts as weapons. In preparation of the trial she was open, honest and responsive to all of my questions. I had full confidence in her after our initial meeting and her results proved to me that hiring her was the best decision I have ever made.”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Very Helpful – Anonymous

“I contacted William for a consultation and he was very helpful and knowledgeable. He clearly answered all of my questions and provided me with a clear recommended path for the next steps. I’d highly recommend him to friends and definitely use him again in the future.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

The Best Defense Attorney – Shane

“Ms. Sherwood has the knowledge and court room experience that gives her clients the upper hand in ANY case. My recommendation to friends and family has always been Ms. Sherwood. She is, hands down, the best defense attorney in Nashville!”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Superb & Intelligent Attorney – JG

“Cynthia represented me in a charge that would have ruined my life but was able to get a resolution. The outcome was better than I could have ever imagined. Words could never explain how appreciative I am of Cynthia. She is a very smart and compassionate attorney who knows her stuff. She always made herself available on the phone/email and always responded to my queries promptly. Above all she is a great human being who genuinely cares for her clients on a legal and personal level. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

A Stellar Lawyer!! – Karen T. 

“I recently got into a bit of a legal situation while I was visiting from out of town and I didn’t know who to contact. I have never been in trouble with the law before, and I was extremely upset and didn’t know what to do. I looked online at the top lawyers in Nashville and Cynthia’s name was at the top of the list. I called the number listed and immediately spoke with Jaimee Mackey, Cindy’s legal secretary who was very pleasant to talk to. I explained my situation and she told me I definitely called the right person and transferred my call to Cindy. As soon as Cindy picked up her line I knew that I called the right lawyer. She was very compassionate and assured me that she would help me and get the matter resolved. I was so relieved, and from that moment on she took charge and started the process to get my situation quickly resolved. Cindy provided her cell phone number and told me to call her anytime day or night. Cindy not only made a stressful situation bearable, but she gave me back my life! If you find yourself in need of a lawyer, I definitely recommend Cindy for any legal matter you may have now or in the future. Thanks so much Cindy, you’re the best!”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

You want Cynthia Sherwood on your side!” – Denise 

“ Cynthia Sherwood has been an absolute godsend to my husband and I in handling our property line dispute case and we will be forever grateful for everything she did for us. We have been amazed time and time again at the level of dedication and commitment she invested into getting us an even better result than we ever imagined. She has been a brilliant, passionate and genuine advocate for us, as well as a consummate professional through and through. She is warm and caring, yet fiercely protective of her clients and impossible to intimidate! Every time we had to face the opposition, we left there feeling like we were the luckiest people on earth to have her on our side. She is a winner … and she will go to great lengths to make sure you are too. If you need an attorney, you need to call her (before your enemy does)! We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. ”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Cynthia is amazing!!” – Brandon 

“My wife and I were dealing with a landlord that would not return our deposit after we moved out, I called Cynthia and she handled everything! She was amazing! She always kept us up to date on what was going on and got us back our deposit!! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who needs a lawyer! Thank you so much Cynthia!!”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

There are not enough stars to rank her! She is truly that good.” – Bradley 

“ As a business owner for 30 years, I have had to fight many battles. There is a difference however from business legal issues and personal. This case was PERSONAL! I have never had an attorney that would listen so intensely and I could see her take on the passion I had for this case. Her ability to communicate with the parties involved was amazing. We had tried on our own for two years with no results. 

Cynthia took on the case and within a matter of days she had created a dialog no one ells could. Being in sales and marketing, I thought if I can’t open the door to this problem and handle getting resolution, no one could. I was wrong. Cynthia not only resolved the conflict but even got us a meeting with the individuals that now has turned into a good relationship. 

I have seen many attorneys that would have “milked” this case for ever. That is not who she is. She is fair, to the point and winner all the way around. Her staff is “top shelf”, and have the empathy I needed to settle down and be a reasonable client (Yes, I can be unreasonable). 

If felt the need to let her and her staff know, you guys are amazing. Thank you for helping our family. Thank you for being honest and to the point. I would recommend you guys to anyone for any matter after this! 

Again, thanks to everyone. 

Bradley ”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

“Hardest working lawyer in Nashville, TH 37201Michael W.

“First let me state that I never write reviews..never..this is my 1st! Only because Cindy was my rock (..and bulldog) recently when I faced a legal crisis. If you’re in Nashville TN and need a Nashville criminal (or civil) defense lawyer Cynthia ‘Cindy’ Sherwood is the Nashville attorney for you.

I recently retained her firm to represent me in a complex civil matter. Very diligent, thorough and extremely knowledgeable — she was prepared for anything and mopped the floor with the opposing party yesterday in court! When you hire Cindy Sherwood you’ve got a lawyer who’s accessible 24/7 and gives 110% to win your case!

When I got your court the day of our hearing, Cindy Sherwood knew everyone! This lady is very well connected to the judges, solicitors, and basically everyone at Nashville General Sessions and Superior Court. Very well-liked, great rapport with anybody….however this lady is no wallflower when it comes to a courtroom. The prosecuting attorney gave his case with witnesses and rested. Then Cynthia Sherwood went into action!!! She completely destroyed the prosecution’s defense within 30 seconds, I never had to say a word! Hourly rate is affordable, she’s always accessible (answers the phone when you call!) and Cindy Sherwood will prepare you for your day in Nashville court! But, more than likely, you won’t have to say a word….she’s a pro!”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

“BAM!” – Law

“ Went thru another lawyer that couldn’t get their Sh*t together, and a friend referred me to Cyndi. She IMMEDIATELY jumped on my problem, and wasted NO time getting down. A great personality as well. I will not hesitate to refer her or use her again. *LOVE* ”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

Miss Sherwood was great she is very well equipped with the law she knows exactly what she’s doing” – Jacqueline B.

“she know exactly what she’s doing she’s very equipped with the law she does an excellent job ”

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville 5 Star Review

5-stars” – Jamey J.

“ Ms. Sherwood helped me through a very difficult situation.  From the first time I met her, you could tell that she was a professional.  She is extremely wise and she knows her stuff.  By listening to her and taking her advice, everything worked out.  If you are looking for an attorney to help you through a difficult time, I would highly recommend contacting Cyndi. ”

Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville & Litigation Attorney | SBL