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The core team at SBL is lead by Cynthia Sherwood. Cynthia is a Vanderbilt Law Graduate and has 18 years of experience serving clients in Middle TN. Davis Griffin Jaimee Mackey, and Stephanie Mercer are the cornerstone members of the team and serve essential roles in the success of SBL. To learn more about Sherwood Boutique Litigation, visit About SBL or our Attorney Case Results.

Cynthia Sherwood is a Vanderbilt School of Law graduate.  She has a created a firm with a “boutique” culture, which means that SBL clients have very personalized service and form close and trusting relationships with their attorneys and SBL staff. Cynthia does not want to foster the stereotypical lawyer-client relationship, but instead one that lets our SBL clients know that we do take their cases personally and will fight for them every step of the way. 

Criminal Attorney, Davis Griffin is a graduate of Belmont University College of Law. In defending the rights of his clients and seeking remedy for their injuries, Davis is fierce and fearless. He loves nothing more than putting his skills of communication and advocacy to work for his clients. If you have been accused of something or someone’s actions have harmed you, Davis wants to be your voice.

Jaimee Mackey has been with SBL from the beginning.  She is the legal administrator and, in that role, provides a guiding hand in all firm operations.  She insures that SBL is a place of refuge for our clients and that the working environment for staff is rewarding.  She also provides paralegal support to all attorneys.

Stephanie Mercer joined Sherwood Boutique Litigation in 2018. She provides administrative support in her role as Administrative Legal Assistant at SBL.  Stephanie graduated from Faulkner University, in Montgomery, Alabama, in 2017, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology. 

Criminal Defense Attorney Nashville & Litigation Attorney | SBL